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About Rillpac

Rillpac (Shanghai) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd belong to Rillpac (China) Co., Limited which register in HongKong on May,2010, Over the past few years we has been engaged in audio and video digital product testing, design, manufacture, development, marketing, the main markets are in Europe and America, we established a good cooperative relations with many famouns brands and factory, has accumulated valuable experience and data. For the long-term development of enterprises, play our own advantages, in response to "China-made quality" and decided to build our own brand "Rillpac", then register a company in Shanghai, China: "Rillpac (Shanghai) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd", solely responsible for the brand "Rillpac " design, production, marketing and promotion. English trademark "Rillpac" has applied for registration in China, United States, Russia, the European Union, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

        Rillpac Bluetooth headset products approved the CE certification, RoHS, WEEE, FCC, FCC-ID certification, for your health, we followed high standards and strict requirements. All selection of headphones materials, production processes and quality control are by top brand standards and strict compliance with ISO quality management system. This ensures that the good quality, but also effectively reduces the dealer post-customer maintenance costs. We purchased a set of ROHS testing equipment, just want to eliminate substandard component suppliers, all products meet the EU RoHS environmental standards, reducing a lot of trouble. Even if it is the same components, heavy metal content in line with ROHS standard is a lot more expensive, which is one of many low-end market Bluetooth headset cheaper reasons.
Good chips, good speakers, good tuning, environmentally friendly raw materials are the four elements of high-quality Bluetooth headset.

Rillpac products focus on sport Bluetooth headset, metal,ceramic in earphones, headband headphones, single dynamic speaker, double dynamic speakers, Dynamic+Balance Armature Speakers solution. Future gradually introduced new products, please refer to our official website product updates.

Enterprise Strengths: exquisite design, first-class technology, better quality control.
Enterprise Vision: to create a world-renowned brand "Rillpac".
Brand Positioning: "Rillpac" represents the low price at high quality. The same quality, same sound performance, our price only one-third of top brands.
Brand Slogan: You Deserve Better.
Business Philosophy: quality first, the customer first.
Brand Concept: a good brand is built by the propagation time of accumulation and reputation. To provide customers with quality products and quality service is the only way.


There is an intricate science behind the design of each Rillpac electronic device. Even the smallest electronic components of our designs are the fruit of years of study, experimentation, testing and quality control. Rillpac meets international benchmarks for component and quality conformance in each step of product development, which results in exceptional quality products for our customers. When a Rillpac product finally reaches your hands, you can be assured that it is precision-engineered - to guarantee you an experience that is absolutely unparalleled.


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