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Rillpac become a member of GS1 China


GS1 China, founded in 1988 under the authorization of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China as an affiliate of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), is in charge of organizing, coordinating and adm

With the generous support from the Chinese government, GS1 China has made tremendous achievements through its tireless efforts over the past 20 years. We have established a nationwide network of 47 branches and set up a working system that promotes the improvement of national article numbering and identification as the core competency. This system successfully integrates coding management, research, standards development, implementation and promotion as well as technical service. As a result of our efforts, national article numbering and Auto-ID technical service have been widely adopted by various industries throughout China such as retailing, manufacturing, transportation, communication, asset management, warehouse management, food safety and healthcare, as well as many government departments ,including customs, finance and defense.

In recent years, based on the research on article numbering and identification technologies at home and abroad, GS1 China has been consistently consolidating and improving national article numbering and identification system, and strengthening the research on 2-dimensional barcode, Electronic Product Code(EPC), Global Data Synchronization (GDS), product quality traceability, E-commerce as well as the standardization of logistic information. With active exploration and innovation, we have attained a number of technological achievements with independent intellectual property have been accomplished, which significantly contributes to advancing international trade and the automation level of business circulation.

Nowadays, Information Technology is playing an increasingly critical role as the drive to facilitate the growth of economy and the enhancement of people's living standard. As the foundation stone of Information Technology, article numbering and Auto-ID technologies are embracing a promising future for development and expansion. We would like to strengthen the cooperation with GS1 Global, GS1 Member Organizations as well as individuals and organizations from all sectors of society, working together closely to achieve continued adoption of GS1 system around China and to create opportunities for new sectors which will benefit the people, industry and business of our country.



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